an appreciation of sydney pollack

I wanted to post something about fellow Hoosier and adopted New Yorker, Sydney Pollack. He wasn't a gifted actor or director but he had taste and integrity.

His charm overcame the small defects of his acting; by saying he wasn't gifted I'm by no means saying he wasn't good. He was a terrific actor and director. I think his greatest strength lay in his taste. He knew what made a good movie, he seemed to always have the pulse of the Zeitgeist. With a few exceptions, he succeeded with every movie he directed or produced.

His wonderful performance and Nicole Kidman in her see-thru skivvies are the only good memories I have of "Eyes Wide Shut".

I could go on and on about the man, but I'm sure it's been done elsewhere. I just really enjoyed his work and was deeply saddened and surprised when he died. Movies truly won't be the same. RIP.

Three Days of the Condor (1975) movie trailer - Directed by Sydney Pollack.

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