Fascinating Documentary - Talking To The Taliban

Talking to the Taliban

Who are the Taliban? What are their politics? How do they see the world. How, as a journalist covering the War do you trust your contacts when your as likely to be invited in for a drink and a joint as you are to be kidnapped.

One thing I have learned from reading and watching many books, articles, TV and WEB documentaries; there is no single portrait of who we are fighting in the Afghan War. As citizens of our respective countries, I believe we must have as much information as we can get. Journalist Graeme Smith of the Toronto Globe and Mail, posted unfiltered interviews with his sources and contacts in the Taliban. Watch, Learn, and Participate.

Understanding the insurgents is a basic part of reporting on the Afghan war, but it's a remarkably difficult task. I've had several meetings with individual Taliban since I started covering Afghanistan, but personal contacts with the insurgents are growing more dangerous because they have started kidnapping journalists.


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