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Generally speaking, anachronisms in movies make me smile. Things like a 19th Century western gunman brandishing a gun made ten years later than the film is set (points for ingenuity Western Dude!). Or when Jack in Titanic mentions he fished at a lake that wasn't built yet or that he'd seen Santa Monica Pier, never mind that it wasn't built till after the Titanic sank. He was just being visionary, showing us the potential architect he might have been if only Rose would have shared the #$%& door! Anyway, I digress.

I rented 10,000 BC from Netflix. WOW! What a tortured torpid turd of a movie it was!!! I was almost ready to call their California HQ to demand another movie be sent out immediately and I would kindly burn this copy for them.

I won't go into much detail. I will say that the FX were first rate. I'm sure there are tons of Easter Eggs the animators put in there. They had to know how badly this movie would suck. Woolly Mammoths helping build the Egyptian Pyramids in 10,000 BC?? Universal language? Corn?!? Riding horses? Egypt?? *In best Shatner* Brain.About.To. Explode!

I'm gonna link you over to the IMBD page of mistakes and anachronisms for this heaping pile. Don't rent it, just look for the FX work on YouTube or something, just pretend a saber tooth tiger is chasing your butt and get on your, as yet imaginary domesticated horse, grab an ear of maze from the new world (1492 anyone?) and whiptail it to Egypt, through the rain forest, of course.

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