george takei's marriage plans

A couple of weeks ago TrekMovie first reported that George Takei and his long-time partner Brad Altman were engaged to be married.

Now People Magazine is reporting that Takei and Altman have set a date and picked a location, plus Takei is bringing on board his former Trek co-stars to join in on the day.

The best man is my colleague from Star Trek, Walter Koenig, who played Chekov, and the matron of honor is (Lt.) Uhura, Nichelle Nichols. And Leonard (Nimoy) and his wife Susan are on the (guest) list.

The pair will tie the knot September 14th in a formal affair at the Japanese American National Museum in Los Angeles. Details are still being working out, but People reports that they have settled on some details to “reflect their eclectic taste as well as their respective backgrounds” including Scottish bagpipes, a Mexican-American Buddhist minister officiating, and a fusion Japanese-Mexican cuisine for the dinner. Best of luck to them!

What about William Shatner? He's not invited? Well, there's still much bad blood between the two. George and Nichelle have maintained (for 30 years now) that in the day, Shatner would often steal or delete lines their characters had on the show and George is probably most bitter about his claim that Shatner intentionally tanked Haikaru Sulu's on screen promotion to Captain in ST: II. (The promotion did occur, but off-screen before ST:VI, by the end of VI, Paramount was ready to hand the film franchise to ST:TNG crew.) Shatner claims it was never part of the script and is just George's wishful thinking. Odd though, that the official novelization of the movie taken directly from the original shooting script, has Sulu's promotion ceremony. George feels this left him unable to convince studio execs at Paramount to use his (very popular) character either in spin-off films or his much talked about TV series, Trek: Excelsior.

Think I'm exaggerating just a tad? Here is a link to four minute clip of George appearing on Shatner's Comedy Central Roast a couple of years ago. It's funny but sorta uncomfortable to watch. If you do continue to the link, beware, this is not the censored TV version, it contains very mature language, subject matter and toupee references. Link to video. *mature content*

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