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Winterbirth (The Godless World, Book 1) Winterbirth by Brian Ruckley

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I saw this as a review on Felicia Day's Blog and thought I'd like it. It was a pretty dense read. The plot was a bit confusing to me, I was frequently lost and had to go back to see how this character is related to that, etc... a good read though and I'd recommend it. Maybe a bit too much going on. I felt he was trying to throw too much information, characters and foreshadowing for one book. I checked my copy out of the library, but would gladly own it. I look forward to reading more in the series. I think I just wasn't in the mood for dense fantasy at the time I read it. If you like epic hardcore sword and sandal fantasy, you'll probably enjoy this.

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  1. Hey!

    Well, I think your experience matches mine with this book! It had a lot of potential but I was confused a lot as well. I'm glad you didn't hate it! :) Thanks for reading my blog.