tornadoes hit my hometown

Storms and tornadoes hit my hometown of Waldron, IN and my old stomping grounds. I wanted to post something to acknowledge it. My family and friends are OK. The worst for us is that our farm was pretty heavily flooded and not sure how much of the corn was destroyed. Maybe if it dries it can be replanted. I'm not sure. It seems the Rush County towns of Moscow and Milroy were the heaviest hit.

The biggest historical loss was the destruction of the Moscow Covered Bridge in Rush County. It was built in 1886 and was a rare double span over a deep gorge and is on the National Registry of Historic Places. As you can see in the video below, it's now just kindling. I'm sure plans are underway to rebuild. (Sorry about the videos. I had posted them, but they slowed the blog down. Hopefully the link to watch will continue to be valid.) ** UPDATE** Link to photo of the bridge after the Tornado.

Not sure of the total injured or if there were fatalities from last nights tornadoes. Thoughts and prayers are welcome. Peace. **UPDATE** At least eight people are injured or hospitalized from last night's storm. No fatalities are reported. Source: indychannel.com Mid-day news. Reported by Julie Pursley.

Coverage from my home town of Waldron, IN and a brief interview with a former classmate of mine, Randy Gahimer about the tornado plus lots of updated reports including a flyover of some of the damage. Wish TV. More on this at WRTV: Watch here

A photo taken near Waldron, IN June 3, 2008. Posted at WTHR.com.

Storm damage photos have also been submitted to WRTV's Indychannel.com.

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