The Flintstones Knew That Winston's 'Tastes Good Like a Cigarette Should'

Yes, The Flintstones, that treasured cartoon icon of our youth, was actually a very amazing early TV experiment. With the success of the Huckleberry Hound Hour in 1959, ABC realized that as many adults were watching cartoons in Prime Time as were children. Scheduled in Prime Time, Hanna-Barbera produced, The Flintstones was an amazing TV experiment. A watered down Honeymooners that would appeal to both adults and children.

These integrated commercials seen during the 1960 - '61 season of ABC's The Flintstones, were shown at the end of the episodes when Winston sponsored the show. Miles Laboratories, maker of Alka-Seltzer and One-a-Day, sponsored the other weeks. 

So with the family gathered around the Curtis Mathis, Dad and Mom puffing away, little Billy and Mary were not only slowly poisoned, they were being indoctrinated by cigarette and beer ads. For those who complain about the unrealistic amount of smoking in AMC's 1960's period show Mad Men, just watch Fred and Barney light up.

Here Fred walks into "Rocky's Tobacco Shop" for his weekly pack of smokes, guess which kind? Probably Fred has a charge account with him... since he never paid. If it were later on in the series I'd guess that he had Gazoo lay some funky alien 'Jedi' like mind tricks on the guy.

After they bought their Winston's, they have to have a smoke break, right?

Oh, and speaking of "You've come a long way, baby"... note that extra measure of indoctrination, as Wilma and Betty perform their duties as quintessential suburban housewives, whilst Fred and Barney rest on their fat caveman Arses. Yup, TV really WAS better back then.


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