Indianapolis Star to go up from 50 to 75 cents

According to Ruth Holladay's blog, the Indianapolis Star and at least 19 other Gannett owned newspapers will go up in price from 50 to 75 cents.

It's a shame because the Star has mostly become little more than a paper filled with wire stories and teasers that link to it's website. Most of the things I've already read in my RSS feed reader Netvibes the day before. Ruth writes:

"Jim Hopkins at Gannett Blog has received a tip that "Twenty Gannett newspapers will go up in price four weeks from Monday. Some of the bigger ones are: Louisville, Indianapolis, Rochester, Brevard, Des Moines, Shreveport, Sioux Falls, just to name a few."

The tip was also picked up and posted by Romenesko.

If you want to read the original, here are the links:



If this is the case, when will the Star make the announcement? And how can this possibly help sell newspapers?

Or is that no longer the mission?"

Ruth was a long time employee of the Star and was part of the purge of the Star starting in 1995 when Gannett bought it. One of the problems with the Star and many "local" paper these days is they are staffed by kids just out of school, starting in the smaller markets (Indy, Louisville, Cincy, etc) with no ties or little interest in the city they may be in for the moment. Ruth links you to a lot of the old columnists for the Star and News most whom have their own blogs and most counting down the days till the end of Gannett or the Apocalypse (which ever comes first).

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