It Takes A Thief is on HULU!!

It's a great, late 1960's NBC show staring the wonderful and suave Robert Wagner (Switch, Heart to Heart, Three and a Half Men). It was both ahead of and very much a part of it's time.

The glory days of TV, when shows could be summed up with one catch phrase, in this case, "I'm not asking you to spy, I'm just asking you to steal." Characters didn't muck about with all this thought, feeling, depth, or emotionally tortured leads, but stuck to the job of driving the plot where writers needed it to go and viewers wanted to be taken.

With a great 60's Pop-jazz theme by Oscar winner, Dave Grusin... and in a time when the Universal back lot could double for anywhere in the world... it's part of a genre that Jaime Weinman calls "Babe of the Week" shows. It's true enough, the 1960's were, a little bit "chauvinistic and Rat Pack-y". I enjoy It Takes A Thief because it does what so few network TV shows seem to be able to do anymore; tell entertaining stories with action, plot, drama, romance, mystery and keep you entertained for 51 mins. er 45 mins uhm 40 OK 37 mins. Yeah, someone needs to fix that too!

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