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The Ghost Road The Ghost Road by Pat Barker

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This is the 10th anniversary of first reading this amazing book. The Ghost Road is Pat Barker's final book in her WWI Regeneration trilogy.

The first book, set in an institution where soldiers are sent for shell-shock. A pacifist is sent there too, to prevent him from speaking out about the war. The second book addresses the government's war time fear of traitors and those who are different: gays and socialists are targeted. The third continues the story of some of the characters, who are returning to the front. All three books together raise many issues while questioning why nations go to war and how individuals survive it.

I read these books all the way through during a Summer Vacation. I really want to read these again this year. I actually would love to read them every 10 years and see how my thoughts and opinions change. If you get a chance, read this trilogy. They would definitively be on my 1,000 Books to Read before you die list.

November 1st 1996 by Plume


isbn - 0452276721   (isbn13: 9780452276727)


literary awards - Booker Prize Winner 1995

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