A Message to Twitter

RE: Twitter Tweeps. I did high school, lets see ... 24 years ago. I taught Elementary age kids for several years and at work, I supervise people who are mostly in their Twenties. I don't need to re-live cliques on Twitter.

Yes, they exist. No, I'm not jealous and no, I'm not talking about the 'celebrity' Twiterati. Just the (mostly) Genxers who seem to talk a big game about how well they understand new media. "It's in our DNA," said a young intern of mine. Ok, great. I mean that. But so is the need to associate with like people. That's in your DNA as well. I love that there are things you can teach me, show me and ideas that can change or even challenge my preconceptions. I just hope you realize that I and others in our 30's, 40's and up can do the same for you.

Aren't we on here to learn and improve ourselves? Broaden our horizons and our social-circles? I love Twitter, I follow less than 200 and have about 100 followers. I just try to be myself and sometimes engage in conversation (which is the hardest part for me, since I'm fairly shy.) I'm not trying to be popular or a Twitter celebrity. I have my own real-life accomplishments that I'm very proud of, thank you very much. I'm the first to admit, I don't do small talk well, but I do like sharing bits of my life, bizarre thoughts and inane observations. I've met some really wonderful, smart and engaging people on Twitter and have discovered some great sites, blogs, videos, memes and books.

It's not my age, I've always hated cliques. No, I wasn't unpopular in High school and now seeking revenge. I went to a very small rural school. There were 75 people in my class. Class-mates that didn't vary much from first grade. I was liked by the stoners, the FFA, the nerds, the geeks, the athletes and the teachers. I fought cliques from the inside then and I'll do it now. They just don't make sense to me. Why exclude the opinion of someone? For what reason exclude them?

What's the point of using a social network that potentially reaches across and bursts apart our pre-conceived boundaries of age, race, class, economy and geography only to use it to talk to people who look, think and believe just like you and make fun of, exclude, or talk about people who don't. If so, IMHO yer doin' it wrong.

I leave you, dear reader, with a challenge. Go make a new contact with someone you wouldn't normally. If your an atheist, say hi to that openly Christian or Muslim or Jew that you follow. A bit homophobic? Find something in common with that sarcastically funny lesbian or the English tranny you follow. Look at the avatars of those you follow? Are they all white? Fix that. Is there someone you follow who doesn't have a lot of money? Say hi and find something in common. I doubt that they'll hit you up for money. Invite those older, younger, shorter, taller or less funny to the next Tweet-up. Who knows, maybe you'll learn something.

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  1. Amen on this.

    I have a hard time following all I want to. It gets too confusing keeping track of everyone. But there are many that I check on every few days just to keep up.

    I made it through HS...that was enough drama for me.