Gabrielle Campo, Candidate For US Congress Rudely Shown Door At Eastside Family Fun Day By 'Carson Ally'

The following is from a Press Release Posted on 7th District Congressional Candidate (R) Gabrielle Campo's MySpace Blog and Campaign Website.

September 13, 2008

Campo for Congress
1109 North Shadeland Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46219

To Concerned Voters of the Seventh Congressional District,

It has been my daily goal along this campaign trail to make myself available to constituents across the district, and today was no different. I began by participating in the "Out of the Darkness Suicide Prevention Walk" and the Beech Grove Mardi Gras Parade. Mid-afternoon joined fellow Eastside members at the Far Eastside Family Fun Day. I was glad to see my opponent, Congressman Carson; and welcomed the opportunity to personally follow-up with him about my September 11, 2008 request to debate the issues facing Hoosier voters, to which he had not replied. In response to my question, he stated, "I don't know, my schedule is busy".

Shortly thereafter, in mid-conversation with a concerned voter, I was asked to leave the premises by the event organizer, who stated she "was a Carson ally". Out of respect for the purpose of this public event, "bridging families and strengthening communities," I ended my conversation and though shocked by this discrimination, politely left. I draw two main conclusions from this experience. First, my opponent is too busy to publicly debate the issues facing the people he currently represents. Secondly, the Eastside community members were denied equal access to Congressional candidates.

Without the opportunity for public debate and in blocking access to candidates, who are active in the communities, during this campaign process; it seems, to some, the only way to win an election is to keep voters in the dark.

I extend my sincere apologies to those I could not personally talk to today at the Far Eastside Family Fun Day. Be assured that my Campaign is one of transparency and of access.

Gabrielle Campo, MSW


Monday, Sept. 15th, Ms. Campo was on Abdul in the Morning WXNT 1430 speaking about the incident on Saturday.

Read my unusual endorsement.

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My Meeting With Ms. Campo

To their credit, after reading my unusual endorsement of her campaign on my blog and because of its unusual nature and some questions I raise, they kindly invited me to sit and talk with them. We talked about my issues, concerns and thoughts and I asked her about her campaign's issues, concerns and political views. I challenged them to better utilize the inexpensive and far-reaching benefits of social media more, to get to the folks that could help them in donations and sweat equity.

It was a bold and non-partisan gesture. Nothing was off the table and Ms. Campo and her staff asked me as many questions as I asked them.

I came away feeling very positive about her authenticity as a candidate for US Congress. Her message of concern and understanding of the voters of the 7th sounded very Julia to me. The politics may be a bit different, but the heartfelt concern is very similar and real. I just don't feel that Mr. Carson has that. I'm not the only 'democrat' who believes that. As a public servant, he is my employee and I made an HR decision to support the best person for the job. In my opinion, in this race, that person is still Ms. Campo.

Ms. Campo and her campaign may be a bit green, but they seem genuine. In all honesty, it was a rookie mistake to officially call out Mr. Carson on debates on Sept. 11th. I'm not sure of the reasoning, they will have to answer that question.

I sincerely thank Gabrielle Campo and her staff for that meeting and challenge those of you who feel the same to find out more about Ms. Campo's campaign. Talk with her at a event she's at. Take some time (if possible) to speak to her and even challenge her campaign with your own ideas or suggestions.

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  1. Thank you for talking about this race. Why is the media not covering this or any debates. It looks like the city is biased for some reason.

    Thank you for telling us about Ms Campo and her campaign. I like people that are involved with the people the represent.
    she has my voite.