GOP Trying To Downplay Palin's Library Censorship Attempt (Now, With No Bogus Book Info or MSG!)

The AP is reporting McCain campaign is defending Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's much-criticized inquiry into banning books at her hometown library, saying her questions were only hypothetical.

My previous post on her attempt at censorship.

Transcript of an ABC News video segment that examines the Sarah Palin library censorship issue.

  • Assembly of God ministers are well-known in Wasilla for taking strong positions on moral issues, including this recent sermon by the current pastor: "Everybody in the world has a guilty conscience. That's why homosexuals wants laws of the land to justify their sin because they have a guilty conscience."
  • Around the time Palin became mayor, the church and other conservative Christians began to focus on certain books available in local stores and in the town library, including one called 'Go Ask Alice,' and another written by a local pastor, Howard Bess, called 'Pastor, I Am Gay'

From a book review of Pastor, I Am Gay that fellow Quaker and Hoosier, Hope Farber wrote for spiritrestoration.org 1995.

Pastor, I Am Gay is full of facts about homosexuality and society’s treatment of them, notably the Christian church’s refection of them. Bess believes that Christian churches will gain from their accepting gays and lesbians into fellowship and he dedicates his book to "every gay and lesbian person who has allowed me the privilege of being part of their lives."

Though published some years ago, this book is still timely and should be in the hands of every pastor and in the libraries of all congregations.

Excerpt from a Politifact review of the Sarah Palin library censorship controversy.

The author of a book Sarah Palin reportedly tried to have removed from her hometown library blasted back Saturday evening, saying the Alaska Governor had a "small-town mind," was an enemy of intellectual freedom and a "disastrous choice" for vice president.

The story that first ran in the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman Dec. 18, 1996. It has been typeset and reposted to accommodate numerous requests for the story from media worldwide and curious individuals.

Now for some kerfuffle

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