Prof. Larry Lessing Breaks Down the Facts About Sarah Palin's Experience in 12 Mins.

In response to Palin's suggesting that her experience was somehow normal, an exhaustive and interesting comparison of Governor Palin's experience as compared with every other Vice President in U.S. history. Twelve minutes of exhaustion. Now go watch, I'll wait.

The main point of Prof Lessing's presentation is this: With the worst financial crisis to face us in a Century, Two Wars and Global Warming, can we afford Palin? You get no rumors, innuendo or histrionics at this blog! Just facts.

The historically unbiased facts show that she is the least experienced VP Candidate in history, with the scientifically calculated minimum odds of a 1 in 5 chance of becoming President! (It's probably more considering McCain's age and past health issues) Can we afford her? No matter how folksy she is, no matter how much we would like to vote based on gender, race, political party, religion, etc? I have to agree with the good Professor and say, NO!

Especially after watching her struggle in her interviews with Katie Couric. Palin was like a student who knew she was going to be quizzed hard by her advisor but either being too arrogant or clueless, didn't bother to study. Seriously, how is private Alaskan companies trading with private Russian companies during her time as Governor, Foreign Policy experience?

An after note: Notice how many VP's have been from Indiana! We still hold the record for most VP's. Indiana, in the 19th and early 20th Centuries was a very important swing state with a high number of Electoral College votes. It could be counted on that one or both parties would include a running mate who was a Hoosier.

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