Some Fun Things Found On a Week Ends Journey in The Zeitgeist

OK, I found this yesterday and I'm still laughing. What would happen if Star Wars characters show up in other films? Take a look at this LiveJournal rundown of the films they were in, somewhere, at sometime. Go check it out!


Ever wonder why you've never seen Kermit the Frog and Christian Bale together? I know, me too!! Here's proof that they're actually the same person.

I'm in on the ground floor of an important political grass-roots movement that's sweeping politics. Yes that's right. I'm one of those promoting Palin for President! Michael Palin, that is.


If your a Geek Dad like me, then you like to get advice from other Geek Dad's, especially about what geeky movies to raise your kids with.


Boy, those wacky Obama supporters sure do love their buttons!  Check 'em out.


Finally, it was Forty-Two years ago today, Star Trek debuted!! Happy birthday and continue to live long and prosper! Talking Trek, here's the art for the Remastered Season 3 box set. Sweet! Plus - you don't have to wait until next summer to see a modern take on the 23rd Century - Trailers for the German SciFi Channel show are wunderbar.

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