7th District US Congressional Candidate, Gabrielle Campo's TV Advertisement

My political pitch to the Indy folks:
Please watch this very positive campaign Ad and support & vote for Gabrielle for US Congress. She's an awesome person and would make a wonderful, proactive, sincere & thoughtful Congresswoman!! I'm splitting this ticket like crazy this year, as are a lot of us. Don't just vote Carson because of the name or the party, actually look at his Congressional record. I guarantee, if elected, Gabrielle won't rest on her laurels. I loved and respected Julia. I knew Julia, and Andre; You are not Julia! My endorsement, which she sneaked onto her website & I somehow missed it! :) Thanks for listening.


  1. You couldn't be more wrong about Andre, or Gabrielle. Andre Carson is doing an AMAZING job in Washington, and we should all be proud to have him as our Congressman.

  2. I appreciate your comment. But my research and his behavior tell a different story. On the positive side; He has done a lot of campaigning and has met many folks in the dist. I hope, if he's elected, he'll take that back to Washington with him. He seems a good and nice man, but he has, as yet proven his ability to treat the office as anything but a gift or reward simply for being Julia's relative. As for Ms. Campo, no, no I'm not.

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