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  1. Wow! You are an avid aggregator, too =) (4 A's in a row is tough)

    But who is the big decider on this stuff? Is Epic Fu a Twitter employee, who finally decides "#" this represents a hash mark and it means...?

  2. The folks at Twitter did. Hashtags.com was in charge of naming, approving, etc, but they and Twitter had a falling out of some sort or twitter tweaked it's servers so they didn't work. I don't know the whole story. Epic Fu is just reporting on it. Probably something on Google to fill in the blanks. @WTHR.com and I were discussing hash tags the other day. Neither one of us could sort it all out either.

  3. Sometimes my ignorance amazes me. There are moments when I feel that if I take my eyes off the Internet for a minute I will miss something.