Evil, It's Evil I Say!

The other day Felicia Day (@feliciaday) tweeted about how sweet the new Kindle was supposed to be and would anyone be tempted. I sent her a self-righteous reply; Oh not I!! I love books, the look, the feel the smell. Then she posted an update with a link to it. OMG!!! I want! I'd use it for newspapers, and some books. I ride the bus, so it would be great there too. But I still love books and how nicely they stack (sorta) on my shelves. It wouldn't replace them, but it could be a slippery slope.

If I had the disposable income for this, I'd probably buy it. At least I'm pretty sure I would. Of course if Kindle or Amazon would want to send me one of these (not evil at all) devices to try out then share my findings to you all, who would I be to oppose? Check it out yourself.

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