Limbaugh: Somali Pirates Like American Liberals

The rescue of a ship captain from Somali pirates Sunday night was largely viewed as a foreign policy victory for President Obama. But Rush Limbaugh saw something different. The talk show has quickly capitalized on the hostage crisis as a new line of attack on domestic liberals.

Sadly and tragically, I feel this vitriolic, racist, homophobic, drug-addled hate-bag would not have grieved one iota if that brave captain had been killed. He would have wasted no time trying to spin & turn the tragedy to his own ideological advantage in his wish for Obama "to fail." Next scandal:  Why Won't The White House Release Bo the Dog's Birth Certificate?

Honestly, why do people listen to his hateful, soul damaging words?

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  1. I once heard a woman complaining about her husband listening to Rush. Apparently, her husband was a trucker, and he and ALL of his trucking buddies listened to Rush religiously and professed to agree with everything he said. She also said (with a wicked chuckle) that NONE of these guys EVER voted.