"This Isn't What I Voted For" (VIDEO)

I have to agree with Bill Maher. Bush was wrong and had horrible ideas, but he didn’t care. He shoved his ideas through. Obama has a mandate, a majority and popularity. Why isn’t he working harder for REAL healthcare reform and not some watered down version that will just help the insurance companies. Not to mention some of the changes to Bush Era rules that he’s recently backpedaled from. I wish Obama would disappear from TV for a while then come out one day and say: OK, this is what we are doing. I’ve tried talking to the other side and the only ideas they share are the same from the last 8 years. Screw this noise. These were the ideas and the values the American people elected and entrusted me to enact. I’m the President, dammit! (… or, you know, words to that effect)

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