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This isn’t a blog just about my religious faith, though I do at times mention it. Go ahead and move along or wait for a new post if it offends you. Just felt moved to share.

I came across a great rundown that closely mirrors how I feel about my faith. We Friends are a curious bunch, there are Christian Quakers, Diest Quakers, Buddhist Quakers and even as odd as it may sound, Atheist Quakers. Then those groups have divided themselves into even smaller groups, practices and ways to worship. As someone young in my Quakerism, it’s something that still bothers me as I still look at it with a bit of an outside eye. A lack of official creed is one of our greatest strengths and I suppose it can be argued that it may be a weakness as well.

Of course there are testimonies* that we abide by, but the following are most common:
Our Meeting also embraces: Community, Stewardship and Sustainability

As I said, Friends have no official creed, just unofficial statements of faith and values that give a general sense of the Friends faith.

The real reason I began this post was to share this quote, but I got side-tracked.
We are called to work for justice and to be agents of peace in a broken world. Whether situations of conflict and confusion be personal, national, or global - within the church or beyond it - we are called to be agents of the same healing and love we have received from God.
A great link for info.

* testimony refers to the ways in which Friends testify or bear witness to their faith in their everyday lives

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