LeVar Burton Can Finally Tell the World About His Long Nightmare

From his heartfelt opinion piece*:

When the news came that Reading Rainbow would be canceled due to a lack of funding, I felt—well, to use a cliché like you'd find in one of the hundreds of books I pimped endlessly—like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Every day I went to work hoping that maybe the studio had burned down, that maybe the program had been cut, that maybe PBS would finally stop squeezing the life from me drop by drop. Now that it's over, I feel the relief a bruised and broken soldier must feel when he is rescued after rotting away for decades in some dank, forgotten POW camp.

May that godforsaken show burn in hell.

*This is from The Onion, it’s satire, it wasn’t written by LaVar, but I thought it was hilarious and literally Laughed Out Loud. But you don’t have to take my word for it - (via @levarburton)

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  1. And now LeVar is doing voiceover work for DC cartoons.

    Oh, the horror, the horror! ;-)