Batman: The Cult by Jim Starlin - A New Appreciation or My, How 22 Years Changes Things

Batman: The Cult Batman: The Cult by Jim Starlin
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When this series came out in 1988 I was newly married, finishing college and working two jobs. I had made a half-hearted decision to stop buying comics. When I read this Jim Starlin series, I hated it. It was the catalyst for me to stop buying comics.

Last week I found this in my Library. I thought I'd re-read it. Wow. How 22 years changes things. I get it.

Remember, this was before A Killing Joke. This was during the time of A Dark Knight, but that was an alt-version.

I simply didn't like or understand the dark place that The Cult took The Batman. I get it now. Every so often, The Batman has to be broken for the same reason Superman's powers must periodically be tweaked.

This made me feel sympathy for Jason Todd, and if you know what Jason is up to these days, that's not an easy thing. There is no way that Dick Grayson, Tim Drake or even Damian Wayne could have helped bring Batman back. Only Jason Todd knew the darkness that drove (drives) them both, could plumb that, and lead Bruce back.

Jim Starlin's The Cult is a brilliant, little known and under-appreciated series that is a must read for all Batman fans or for those who enjoy well written, adult and challenging Graphic Novels.

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