“Hi, I’m a Tea Partier”

This video on talking to a tea partier is about the most comprehensive dissection of Tea Party talking points I've seen. Life is not Wikipedia. There are objective facts. Just because you repeat something a lot doesn't make it true. Best line: “I’m sorry. But that is not true. Words have actual meanings.”

This election cycle, common sense and facts will hopefully prevail over fear, misinformation and innuendo. Share this with your friends – and vote!

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  1. Thats a nice video you've posted, thank you for that. 'Tea Partiers' do seem to be rather emotionally invested in their ideas to the exclusion of investing time and effort in supporting them in any kind of thorough way. This is sad, but popular. Flat Earth theory seems an appropriate analogue to apply to tea party people. They are unwilling to, and discouraged from describing in their own mind where the horizon actually is and how it affects judgement.