GOP Gains Fueled by Anger, Based on Lies

LIESImage by Leo Reynolds via FlickrWhat bothers me most about tonight is not another party taking over a branch of Government. That happens more often than not. It's the pundits who keep saying President Obama will have to "Hear the people." The fact that the pundits, the President, and every politician know is that the majority of the things that people have been whipped up about, are patently untrue. The facts don't match the anger. Now, how do these veteran politicians explain to the tea party and independents that keeping the Bush tax cuts will raise the deficit that Obama just lowered? How they'll have to raise the debt ceiling, defaulting on loans and plummeting the value of the dollar? How they have no plans (not even crazy Rand Paul) to do anything but what they spent 7 years doing. Spending without regard of the consequences. They have successfully capitalized and fuled voter anger by getting them to believe governement is the problem. Now that they have opened this Pandora's box, in two years they may be facing a classic case of "Be careful what you wish for...." Never in my life, never as a student of American history, have I seen so many good people manipulated to vote against their own interests.

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