MythBusters, President Obama and Everything Else is Bookkeeping

I enjoyed last night's MythBusters. In case you hadn't read, it featured a submission from President Obama. I just wish it had been something better than the old Archimedes Death Ray one. I love that Adam was positively giddy in the exchange while Jayme, good Hoosier that he is, remained stoic. I actually liked the Hell Boy B-myth better. I'm pretty sure they already knew that it was physically impossible to flip an SUV like that, but went ahead for the cool, "look at us smashing old cars" factor. As for many who claim MythBusters lacks scientific rigor, well it gets kids interested in science. It introduces them to it in a fun and entertaining way. I could go on but I'll let Zombie Richard Feynman do it for me.

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