what is twitter - a short intro video

I discovered Twitter a short time ago. I wasn't sure what it was. I looked into it, signed up for free, looked for my e-mail contacts and started. As I go back to Twitter and discover more people, I understand the hook of it.

I love following, I love "listening" I love being a  selectibitionist. I love the blog look and feel of it. I like that you have only 140 characters to say what you want. It forces one to become a more concise writer. I would suggest you frequent tinyurl.com to shorten the length of any url's you want to share or promote.

It's a difficult thing to describe. I found this video and thought I'd share. It gives a good basic understanding of what Twitter is. It's much more than, "what coffee am I drinking". To quote from Dan Farber of C/net News.com:

The reality is that humans in the early 21st century will be required to process and buffer more discrete, loosely coupled bits of data than in the past of human history. Over the next few decades, more intelligence will seep into the network, filtering the overflowing stream for each of the 7 billion or 8 billion inhabitants of the planet and shaping more meaningful connections.

There are problems with Twitter, it frequently goes down and the context of a message can easily get lost, but I'm a fan and hooked and a selectibitionist. (I just like saying that word.) So watch the video. Go check out Twitter. Check me out and become my follower and let me know you too. Have fun.

Video Via: http://www.commoncraft.com

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