my (early) fathers' day present

Just a note. My daughter and her Mom and Mom's new B. F. went to King's Island last weekend. My daughter spilled the beans to me on the phone last Sunday that they bought me something for Fathers' Day.

Last night, she and her Mom surprised me by stopping by. My daughter couldn't wait to give me the gift. Mom caved and brought it over last night to give to me.

The gift was... A key chain!

It meant a lot for a lot of reasons. My daughter was very proud. She had no idea what the word on it meant. She can read, small words, but tends to make up meanings when she doesn't know. She told me it said, "Happy Fathers' Day." LOL.

What it actually said, "GEEK."

It was nice that my ex knew me well enough to know I'd enjoy that and use it. It also made me a bit happy that it probably annoyed her B. F. I know, petty, I'm working on that.

Just a thought, as I put the GEEK plaque on my key chain, it's kinda like Danica Patrick having one that says, "Race Car Driver." Or Barack Obama having one saying, "Presumptive Democratic Pres. Candidate." In other words, it's a bit obvious, but just in case complete strangers at a check out lane didn't know, they will now. Just wondering what my daughter will think in a couple of years when she sees it and knows what it means. "DaaaAAAD, don't wear that, it's embarrassing!" Oh well, I still treasure it.

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