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I finally saw it. Act I anyway. It’s Wonderful! I can’t wait for the next two parts. All I can say is … The World needs more super-villain Musicals … and curtains, lacy, gently wafting curtains… what!?

It's the tale of a romantic but evil mad scientist, Dr. Horrible (Neil Patrick Harris), who wants nothing more than to snag the attention of a cute girl named Penny (Felicia Day) who goes to his laundromat. Sure, he has a few other goals: He wants to join Bad Horse, leader of the Evil League of Evil; and he's hoping to take over the world, if only oafish super-hero, Captain Hammer would let him. The songs, are witty, and well placed. I love that Whedon turned Dr. Horrible's blog description of his freeze ray into a love song. Inspired!

Neil Patrick Harris. a veteran of Broadway musicals, needs to be nominated for an Emmy or a Grammy or Webby or something. The beauteous and elfin Felicia Day’s voice is pleasant and melodious. Nathan Filian (Desperate Housewives & Firefly) plays the cloddish, self-absorbed, pretty-boy super-hero perfectly. (Could I have had more hyphens in that last sentence?)

The site is up and Act I is great, but the site was down most of the day. Yup. It got slash/dotted. Horrible created quite the stir on the Internets. So many people tried to watch the first episode that it crashed their server. Not only their server, but Felicia Day’s site, whedonesque, etc…. It’s been added to iTunes. The cost is $1.99 per episode, $3.99 for all three. The iTunes link is here. Here’s a great story from the LA Times about Dr. Horrible’s site crashing success!

Jamie Weinman's blog on Macleans.CA said this about trying to get on the site:

This is the internet equivalent of the old urban legend that after a much-viewed series finale ... everybody in the world goes to flush the toilet at the same time. Think of the internet as a toilet and bandwidth as toilet water. I could try to come up with an analogy that isn’t toilet-related, but why?

As of 11:15 PM (E) the guys at Dr. Horrible tweeted this. Here's the full story and more links on the other site.

"You're Gonna Die" from Act II

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