Senator Obama Coming To West Lafayette On Wednesday

Photo: By SCholewiak, CC License

So this is what being a battleground state is like, eh? Senator Obama is coming to Purdue. McCain last week. Wow! I guess we are in play.

From the Obama press office:

Barack Obama's Indiana campaign announced today that Senator Obama will return to the state on Wednesday to hold a Summit on Confronting 21st Century Threats at Purdue University in West Lafayette.

Senator Obama will be joined by Indiana Senator Evan Bayh and former Georgia Senator Sam Nunn. The summit discussion will include issues related to nuclear non-proliferation, bioterrorism, cyber security and emerging national security threats. The panel will also include two renowned experts on bio security-Dr. Tara O'Toole, Center for Bio Security at the University of Pittsburgh, and Dr. David Relman, Stanford University Medical School-and two cyber security experts-Paul Kurtz, a former senior member on the National Security Council and Homeland Security Council, and Alan Wade, former Chief Information Officer for the CIA.

Considering that both Bayh and Nunn have been linked to veepstakes speculation, this should be quite the event. The event is by invitation only, though.

I couldn't resist linking to this at The Onion.

Via: Indianapolis Star & Blue Indiana

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