Things To Share From The Indianapolis Star

A few articles from the Indy Star this week caught my eye and thought I'd share.

Dan McFeely wrote a funny account of attempting to use a Crosscut saw at the Indiana State Fair this week.

Controversial Star Sports columnist, Bob Kravitz filed this blog entry from the Beijing Olympics on the hypocrisy of the International Olympic Committee when Iranian Athletes refuse to compete against Israeli competitors.

While I haven't been very impressed with the Star's new attempt at a Geek Blog, Channing King is blogging GenCon Indy '08 which is pretty cool. I prefer my own, alas, little known geek blog. <-- Shameless plug!! ;)

Check out the amazing photographs from the rescue of the three workers downtown Tursday by the under-rated and under-appreciated Star photographers.

Read them and enjoy, they may be gone by Monday!

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