Shining A Light On Poverty In The US

Reuter's published an editorial this week about the distribution of wealth and income  in the United States.  The article compared the distribution inequality to that in the developing world.

Today, the United States has the largest gap between rich and poor of any Western industrialized country. In terms of equitable distribution of income and wealth, the U.S. is closer to Iran, Argentina or Mexico than to Canada or Germany.

With the elections less than 100 days away, this should be a huge issue for the presidential candidates and local elections.  But, when was the last time you heard either presidential candidate talk about the growing gap between the rich and the poor in our nation? Food stamps are going out at record levels this year.  This is a wake up call.

The article continues:

Poverty and inequality are not usually subject of wide debate in the United States but this is an election year which might mark the beginning of a change. A poll this month by TIME magazine and the Rockefeller Foundation showed that 85 percent of Americans are unhappy with the economy and think their country is on the wrong track. TIME termed the percentage unprecedented.

The poll also showed a striking shift of sentiment towards the role of government in solving the country's problems. More than 80 percent favored public works projects to create jobs and 70 percent advocated government programs to help those struggling to survive in a sinking economy marked by falling home prices, foreclosures, and sharply higher prices for fuel and food.

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  1. The right-wind media outlets are currently exploding over Barack Obama's remarks about "spreading the wealth" and using plenty of scare tactics and the taboo word "socialism" to keep to gap growing strong.