7th District Republican Candidate Campo Calls for Transparency in Legislation

From Press Release, 10/07/09n1396873046_8388

INDIANAPOLIS—Gabrielle Campo, 7th Congressional District  Candidate, released the following statement after Andre Carson flip-flopped on his vote on the economic "rescue" bill passed by Congress last week:

"As evident by the markets' historic lows, the corporate bailout and political pork did not quench the financial fears that so many in our district face. Uncertainty within the markets has made lenders afraid to lend money, underscoring the price paid by Hoosiers because of politics as usual. Congressman Andre Carson folded under political pressure when he flipped his vote on the second draft of the bail out. (Carson also reportedly had accepted more than $137,400 from the financial industry.) The second bill will likely lead to purchase of assets above market value, putting taxpayers on the line for the difference. To make this decision easier for politicians, the bill was pumped with pork. ( Click here to read the rest of her statement on her Website. )

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