What's Your Tweet Worth Tries to Answer How Much Your Twitter Time is Worth

What's Your Tweet Worth?  Another project from Twittad.com shows how valuable your Twittering time is. 

The first few times I tried to use the service, it said that is was unavailable.  I finally worked when I tried again. I'm by no means a power Twitter user. I'm just a guy in Indy who tweets about history, life, science fiction and politics, so my price was $13 a month. I put in power Twiterati @feliciaday and she was worth almost $300 a month!

So, my question with it is...so what? How is the amount calculated and what does it mean? I could charge $13 a month to advertise on my page? I'm wasting $13 worth of my time each month? Because I guarantee you it's much more than that. It generates a nifty badge for you to put wherever and you can sign up, which I didn't. Maybe that would answer my questions.

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