Israel is Wrong

At the risk of alienating people and incurring wrath, I think Israel is acting like a bully in the schoolyard on this one. Violence begets violence; perhaps it's time to try something else. The US needs to have the courage and good sense to call Israel out when it's gone too far. (Just as they have with us in the past) If the US ever wants a chance at brokering peace in the Middle East, we need to support Israel the same way we do ANY of our allies. They are not a 51st state, they are a wonderful, vibrant and strong sovereign Nation, and it's OK and healthy to have differences with it ... Really.

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  1. Your opinion has it chance to exist, buddy. But, I as one living here, is seeking for real way to solve all this. Do you have clear and distinct steps to solve this? Do you know if ever one has knowledge how to solve our problems in real? What we need to do without losing our lives or going to drink salty water?

    Israeli Citizen.