The Top 10 Things to Teach Your Children in 2009

Top 10 Things to Teach Our Children in 2009

10.  Help the ones that you can in life.  Because it feels good and not because you want something in return.  Help yourself first though.

9.  All acts of friendship should be selfless, quiet and done willingly.  Be a good friend to get more friends.

8.  Read everything you can, but don't believe everything you read.

7.  Teach children how to save money, make money grow and how to invest as early as you can - this will become more important in their life.

6.  Love is the beginning, middle and end of ....... EVERYTHING.

5.  Watch this video with your children - Future of Tech and understand that it is reality, we are a global society now!!! Encourage a liberal arts education, virtue, and religion/spirituality belief. These have never been more critical. Contrary to what some believe, a liberal arts education enables and teaches individuals how to think, not what to think. These are what ground you in the midst of rapid change and chaos. They are what give you the perspective to put technology in its proper perspective. They give you the ability to forge new paths, persevere through hard times, and be a standard to follow.

4.  The rest of the world has a larger, better educated population of youth; so your child's education should not come from the media, video games or peers.

3.  A confident person knows who they are, where they are going and what they want to achieve. Be remarkable. Be fun. Set goals with your children.... NOW

2.  Teach them to Excel in recycling, conserving water and resources; to eat organic food, plant trees and start gardening - they love it!!!

1.  Supporting others is the greatest defense against worry.  So don't Worry, Be Happy should be the family motto in 2009!! Happy New Year!


This list is via: @T.S. Elliott on Twitter with additions and changes of my own. His list was a great shelf for me to hang some other ideas upon.

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