Prayerful Hopes

Lots of talk after Meeting for Worship this morning of how, to a person we felt Heatlhcare, if not a human right, then in our hearts, something that followers of Christ should be standing foresquare for. A lot of prayerful thoughts, kind words and holding in the light went out for folks during silent worship for those who are spreading fear and lies and for those who are frightened by them.

We discussed three fundamental moral issues that the faith community can focus on and call our political leaders back to, lest they forget. They are: the truth, full access, and cost.

There are a myriad of special interests groups who are promoting their own self-interests during this process. The faith community has the opportunity to step in and speak for the interests of the common good and those who would not otherwise have a voice. I am sure that every one of the 18,000 preventable deaths that will happen this year from a lack of basic health insurance breaks the heart of God. And, it should break ours too, because healing is at the very heart of the Christian vocation.


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